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Damar Hamlin Says He Was Snubbed For NFL Comeback Player Of The Year

Damar Hamlin at the NFL Honors in Las Vegas.
Damar Hamlin at the NFL Honors in Las Vegas.

Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin’s path back to the playing field was unbelievable, and if you hadn’t seen it with your own eyes, you might not think it was true.

Despite nearly losing his life during an NFL game, he returned to the gridiron less than 12 months later.

While he only competed in five games last year, the fact that he played at all had many believing him to be deserving of Comeback Player of the Year honors.

That included the safety, himself!

Going back to the 2022-23 season, viewers witnessed one of the scariest football scenes in recent memory. During a game between the Bills and Bengals late in January, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest while attempting to make a play on the ball.

Medical personnel were heroes that day as they revived him literally on the playing field.

Just months later, Damar Hamlin made his pro football return. The DB was spotted picking off passes in training camp ahead of the preseason, and he’d see game action in early October when he suited up for 18 snaps on special teams.

From there, he made four more appearances sporadically throughout the year, mixing in 17 plays on defense in addition to his role with the punt and kick squads.

The fact that he was able to make it back so quickly had many believing he’d be named Comeback Player of the Year at season’s end, but it didn’t happen.

Instead, the award went to Browns QB Joe Flacco.

Many were outraged with the snub, including Hamlin. He’s since moved past the decision.

Damar Hamlin broke down his feelings on the CPoY voting.

While speaking on the Maggie and Perloff Show, the defender said he felt as though he deserved the award, but he now sees the bigger picture.


Despite not winning the award, many will be interested to follow his accomplishments and see where his career goes from this point on. Hopefully, he can make even more of an impact both on and off the field in 2024.

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