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Yasiel Puig Fires Back At Slander Of His Character After Getting Sucker Punched During Gnarly Brawl

Yasiel Puig

Yasiel Puig got his bell rung down in Venezuela earlier this week. The 33-year-old outfielder wore one on the chin and started swinging heavy during an all-out, bench-clearing brawl.

However, both Puig and his agent did not appreciate how the media portrayed his role in the dust-up. Other players involved in the melee were sanctioned.

He was not.

Although the man known as Wild Horse has a history of fighting — this particular incident was different. He was trying to keep the peace between the two sides and wore a sucker punch to the chin.

It was pretty gnarly!

Things quickly escalated from there. Multiple players on both sides were involved with the scrap.

Puig got caught in the middle. As players went at him, he had no choice but to start swinging back!

Haymakers were flying and all he could do was defend himself. Especially when the fracas was pushed up against the backstop into the net behind home plate.

Yasiel Puig, who hasn’t played in the MLB since 2019, is currently mashing for Tiburones de La Guaira of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. The former Dodgers phenom cannot stop hitting dingers and is one win away from a league championship.

He is reportedly drawing some interest from big league organizations as spring training quickly approaches. That hope for a return was likely a big part of why Puig and his agent, Lisette Carnet, were so frustrated with how the incident was portrayed in the United States. They both spoke out against people who insinuated that the brawl was his fault, or that he enjoyed the scrap.

Carnet wanted to set the record straight.

Unfortunately the American media chooses to once again share misinformation. Yasiel Puig was actually keeping the peace yesterday when he was sucker punched by a player from the other team. I have released several videos on my feed that show what happened. It’s unfortunate we have become this type of society that when the truth doesn’t fit our thirst, we just change the “clickbait” to suit. Puig is fine btw- he was not sanctioned because he was a victim yesterday- and today he hit a 2 run HR & is now 1 game away from a championship.

— Lisettee Carnet on X, formerly known as Twitter

Puig also spoke out against the false narratives. He wishes that everybody would pay attention to his on-field play instead of focusing on the negative and establishing him as someone he’s not.

I no know what to do anymore- I do nothing, I keep everyone calm and from nowhere I get hit in head. But my agent shows all videos and yet I see now what they show back in USA somehow is me starting fight which is not true. I play today, i no get punished because I do nothing wrong. No man. Enough. I can’t anymore. Please stop. I not this guy you want me to be. Pick someone else already you have destroy me enough. I bat over .400, hit a homerun every 9 at bat and I is taking my team to 1st championship in 37 years. But yeah, Puig trending for a fight .

— Yasiel Puig on X, formerly known as Twitter

The brawl down in South America was rather violent. In the end, even though he landed a few big blows of his own, Puig was on the wrong end of a punch and had no choice but to fight back!

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