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UConn’s Dan Hurley Praises Zach Edey’s NBA Potential While Dismissing The Purdue Star’s Skeptics

Purdue star Zach Edey
Purdue star Zach Edey

There’s little doubt an NBA team is going to take a chance on Zach Edey even though there are plenty of people who don’t think the skills that made him a star at Purdue will translate to the next level. However, UConn coach Dan Hurley isn’t one of those skeptics.

There was once a time when a 7’4″ standout who spent multiple seasons as the best college basketball player in the country would’ve been a shoo-in for one of the top picks in the NBA Draft.

However, the modern game has evolved to the point where big men who are largely known for their ability to dominate in the paint don’t have the value that they used to.

As a result, there are plenty of questions surrounding Zach Edey as he prepares for his time with the Purdue Boilermakers to come to an end before turning his attention to the NBA Draft. As things currently stand, it seems like most experts think Edey will end up being selected toward the middle of the first round, but it feels like he’s one of the biggest wild cards in this year’s class.

It’s easy to understand why Edey’s lackluster agility and reliance on shots close to the basket could be viewed as red flags, but we’re also talking about a guy with a 7’11” wingspan who averaged 25 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 2.2 blocks during his final season at Purdue.

At the end of the day, there’s no way to know how he’ll fare in the NBA, but based on what Dan Hurley had to say on Monday, the UConn coach seems to think Edey is fairly undervalued.

During a conversation with Colin Cowherd, Hurley praised the potential of the star UConn could end up facing in the national championship game, saying:

“If Zach Edey is not a lottery pick and a tremendous NBA player, then there’s something wrong with the NBA. They’re maybe not playing the right game at that level. 

This guy’s been as dominant—it brings you back to Ralph Sampson, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson type of performances at that spot.

The kid’s a special player and special players, when they go to that next level, they add new skills quickly, so I think he’s going to get to the NBA and increase his range and his shooting, his passing, his dribbling.

He’ll adapt. That’s what special players do.”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if that ends up being the case.

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