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Jason Kelce’s Iconic Luchador Mask Was ‘Stolen’ From A Kid Who Wants It Back

Jason Kelce at Super Bowl LVIII
Jason Kelce at Super Bowl LVIII

Jason Kelce seemed to enjoy himself while partying with the Chiefs after they won the Super Bowl, but a young Kansas City fan says the Eagles center inadvertently stole the luchador mask he was rocking in the wake of The Big Game.

The Eagles didn’t earn the chance to play in Super Bowl LVIII, and while his wife may have been hesitant to rock any Kansas City Chiefs apparel while watching the game in Las Vegas, Jason Kelce was more than happy to don the red and yellow suspenders he was sporting while cheering for his brother Travis.

Jason was one of the many people who joined the team for the postgame festivities, and at some point during the night, he’d found himself in possession of the luchador mask that was prominently featured in the many clips chronicling the celebration.

During the most recent episode of the New Heights podcast,

and credited the discovery for unleashing the party animal inside him, but that narrative has been called into question by a Chiefs fan who claims the Eagles center inadvertently stole it.

According to NBCDFW, Elijah Smith, an eighth-grade student from Dallas, said he ran into Kelce at a gathering after the game and let him don the mask he views as a good luck charm (he noted he’s worn it to four Super Bowls and got it signed by Chiefs cornerback Trent McDuffie in Arizona last year).

Smith gave Kelce the mask to wear when they snapped a picture together and said he decided to keep it on while hanging in his vicinity for five to ten minutes before wandering off. Elijah added he and his friend attempted to chase after him to get it back, but they were ultimately unable to overcome the crowd that prevented them from reclaiming it.

Smith said he’s hoping to get his lucky mask back before the start of next season, but as things currently stand, it doesn’t seem like anyone knows where it actually ended up. With that said, it seems like there’s a pretty good chance Kelce will do what he can to make amends.



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