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Major League Baseball Shoots Itself In The Foot Yet Again With Barry Bonds Tribute

Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants
Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants

Major League Baseball once again showed a complete lack of sense on Sunday with an ill-advised tribute post about Barry Bonds on X.

For some reason, MLB decided that out of the literally thousands of players they could have chosen from to celebrate Black History Month, they chose the most polarizing player ever.

Bonds, who owns the all-time record for home runs with 762, as well as the marks for most home runs in a single season and most career walks, went a full 11 years on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot without being inducted. He is now not even eligible, barring some quirk involving former players selecting him down the road.

None of that, however, stopped MLB from writing the following glowing statement on X.

Barry Bonds had one of the best offensive careers in history. He hit a record 762 home runs and compiled a 1.051 OPS over 22 seasons.

“Bonds won an unprecedented 7 NL MVPs to go along with 12 Silver Sluggers and 8 Gold Glove Awards. Bonds was a 14-time All-Star who led the league in on-base percentage 10 times and slugging percentage 7 times.

“His family ties in baseball are strong. Barry’s father is 3-time All-Star Bobby Bonds, while his cousin is Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson and his godfather is Hall of Famer Willie Mays. #BlackHistoryMonth.”

None of that is false. They just left out the whole BALCO steroid thing and the fact that has essentially been barred from making the Hall of Fame.

“Put him in the Hall of Fame? Nah,” one MLB fan

, echoing many others. “Give a long Twitter post during Black History Month? Yup!”

“So y’all are counting his stats now or ?????” another fan


“If only there was a museum to memorialize his achievements, a room at least…or even a hall,” someone else


Seriously… what was Major League Baseball thinking would happen when they posted that?

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