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Incredibly Thick Mountain Lion Stares Down Man Through His Sliding Glass Door In Sun Valley

mountain lion face close up
mountain lion face close up

A man in Sun Valley, Idaho came within feet of a truly gargantuan mountain lion that approached his home and stared daggers through the sliding glass door while he filmed the rare encounter.

Any mountain lion sighting in Sun Valley, Idaho is rare. There are only an estimated 2,000 cougars in all of Idaho.

But the size of this enormous kitty is really what sets this encounter apart from ones we’ve seen in the past.

This cougar is the literal definition of ‘absolute unit’ if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary.

In the video posted a week ago, ChrissyField16 wrote “Trying to come up with a name for our new outdoor kitty. Any suggestions?” in the caption. Given that they have under 1,500 followers, there’s no way they could have imagined how popular the video would become as it’s since been seen by millions over the past week.

I’m no field biologist but I can wager an educated guess on what may be happening here. Mating season for mountain lions runs from December to March with most cougar births happening in early Spring.

I have no way of knowing for sure, but with an enlarged stomach hanging like that it’s quite possible the mountain lion is a pregnant female looking for a safe place to build a birthing den.

Another very plausible option is that mountain lion rules the region and has been living fat off the leftovers from skiers in Sun Valley for months and has been eating like a king. Either way, it is one of the biggest mountain lions we’ve ever seen here at BroBible and we have written about them extensively over the years.

Meanwhile in Utah, people are unbothered by these enormous kitties:

How did she not flinch?!

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