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Patrick Mahomes Awkwardly Asked About His Father’s Arrest During Super Bowl Media Day

Patrick Mahomes is being asked questions about his father’s latest arrest during Super Bowl week.

Over the weekend, Patrick Mahomes Sr. was arrested for driving while intoxicated in Texas.


The officer added that Mahomes Sr. told them during the stop he “had a few beers while watching a game at a local bar” before he got behind the wheel.

Officials wrote in the docs they initially pulled over Mahomes Sr. after they discovered his car had expired tags after he was seen driving slower than the rest of traffic in the area.

The arresting officer alleged Mahomes Sr. failed field sobriety tests once they got him out of his vehicle … writing in the docs, “I believed Patrick was impaired to a perceptible degree while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.”

On Monday, the Chiefs and the Niners met with the media for the first time for Super Bowl opening night.

During his media session, Mahomes was awkwardly asked about his father’s arrest, and he quickly shut down the question.

“He’s doing good, I don’t want to get into too much but he’s doing good for whatever the situation is”

“It’s a family matter, so I’ll keep it to the family, and that’s all I’ll really have to say at this point.”

While Mahomes’ dad is facing a felony due to this being his third DWI arrest, he is being allowed to travel to Las Vegas but it’s still unclear if he’ll attend the Super Bowl.

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