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Rashee Rice Hit With Huge Lawsuit Over Car Crash As Legal Woes Continue To Grow

Rashee Rice
Rashee Rice

Rashee Rice is facing a murky future in the wake of the multi-vehicle car crash he’s been accused of playing a central role in after it unfolded in Dallas, and he’s now found himself on the receiving end of a sizeable lawsuit a week after getting hit with criminal charges over his alleged role in the incident.

Over the past few years, a number of football players at the NFL and college levels have made headlines for all of the wrong reasons due to reckless behavior behind the wheel of a vehicle, and Rashee Rice unfortunately became the latest name to join on that list thanks to what transpired at the end of March.

Based on law enforcement’s assessment of the situation, Rice was behind the wheel of a Lamborghini that was traveling at close to 120 MPH before Rice lost control while speeding through Dallas on March 30th. It appears he was racing a Corvette that was being driven by SMU WR Theodore Knox, who was also involved in the six-car crash that led to four people being treated for minor injuries.

As things currently stand, Rice and Knox have each been charged with eight felonies (with the most severe count accompanied by a 20-year prison sentence) and could face even more as the investigation continues to unfold; the latter has been suspended by SMU, and it’s a virtual certainty the NFL will discipline the former regardless of how the legal proceedings play out.

According to Fox4, they’re now both also listed as defendants in a civil lawsuit filed by two of the people involved in the crash, who are seeking $1 million in a filing that alleges the actions of Rice and Knox caused a variety of bodily injuries (including “trauma to the brain” and “internal bleeding”) and asserts they should be held accountable for medical costs, property damage, and other negative issues stemming from the crash.

If you’re curious, Rice earned a rookie salary of $750,000 on top of a signing bonus worth more than $1.7 million. The plaintiffs are seeking a jury trial, but the timeline remains up in the air.

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