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Bengals Stars Trey Hendrickson And Tee Higgins Could Both Be Moved On Draft Night After Trade Demands

The Cincinnati Bengals, when healthy, are Super Bowl contenders. That may change, though, if two star players get their way and are traded from the team.

Star defensive end Trey Hendrickson and star wide receiver Tee Higgins both demanded trades on Wednesday due to contract demands, according to Adam Schefter.

Tee Higgins was given the Franchise Tag by the Bengals earlier in the offseason to prevent the Clemson alum from hitting the open market. But, the 25-year-old doesn’t want to play on the tag as that’s a financially risky move. Plenty of times would love to sign him to a long-term extension for Higgins to be their top receiver. According to Schefter, the Bengals have not engaged in contract talks with Higgins in a year.

Meanwhile, Hendrickson has two years and $30.6 million left on his deal. At 29 years old, he certainly wants one last big contract with guaranteed money over the long term. That being said, Hendrickson just signed an extension last year. While his deal is probably below market value right now, teams don’t love guys trying to renegotiate every year.

The Bengals are obviously under no obligation to trade two of their most important players ahead of what should be a year in which they try to contend for a Super Bowl. But, nobody wants unhappy players ruining the vibe in the locker room.  Plus, quarterback Joe Burrow is already on a huge deal, and they’re going to have to pay wide receiver Ja’Marr a market-setting deal likely next offseason.

With the draft on Thursday night, it’s set up for the Bengals to try to potentially move these two players to draft their replacements or fill other holes. The Bengals already own the 18th pick in Thursday night’s first round. It’s hard to say what they would get for these two players, but it seems to reason it would be some pretty serious draft capital.

That being said, trading both of these Pro Bowlers would likely move back the Bengals’ window to contend by a few years. It would be a big blow to the psyche of Cincinnati fans.


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