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Kylie Kelce Hilariously Refused To Watch The Super Bowl Despite Being In VIP Suite

Kylie Kelce attends 2023 Night of Too Many Stars
Kylie Kelce attends 2023 Night of Too Many Stars

Travis Kelce’s sister-in-law Kylie Kelce, wife of Eagles center Jason Kelce, refused to watch the Super Bowl game on Sunday night despite being in a VIP suite with Taylor Swift and other famous people.

Why would Kylie Kelce choose to ignore all the action on the field?

She’s more than a little bit superstitious.

“At some point Sunday my superstition kicked in hard. I refused to watch the game, even via the TVs,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Instead, Kylie said that to keep herself “in the loop” she just kept an eye on her friend Sarah King (who posted the image below on X), who she called the “real MVP,” for her reactions.

Before the big game, Kylie Kelce, who played field hockey at Cabrini University, addressed her superstitious nature with For The Win.

“I would lean towards [calling them] quirky only because it it takes a nice positive twist on it. I think quirky, such a cute word,” Kelce said. “And it’s like, yes, my superstitions are cute. No, they’re actually a little over the top.”

She’s not kidding.

“There was one time where I was folding laundry, and I bent down next to the basket and they had like a really good catch,” Kelce revealed. “Then I had to stay bent down next to the basket. I will hold a position as long as I need to you know, so I absolutely am superstitious.”

As for her husband and his wild behavior at the Super Bowl after-party, Kylie said on the New Heights podcast this week, “I was not surprised — not even a little bit.”

She also analyzed Jason’s “three dance moves” after he said Kylie had never seen his “belly take over” like that.

“Jason, the only reason it looked like your belly took over — you were really hip thrusting,” Kylie replied. “It looked like your belly took over because you were wearing overalls.”

Jason said he was only wearing overalls because he “figured if I went with the overalls, and I had straps, they could hold my shirt down,” referring to his going shirtless in Buffalo earlier in the playoffs.

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