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Another Video Of The Scottie Scheffler Arrest Has Been Released – This Time From Inside The Police Car

scottie scheffler speaking after arrest
scottie scheffler speaking after arrest

Another video showing the arrest of world #1 golfer Scottie Scheffler at the PGA Championship earlier this month has hit the internet.

The video, which was originally posted to Facebook, captures Scottie Scheffler’s conversation with the arresting officer after he was put into the back of a squad car.

On May 17, the second round of the 2024 PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club, Scheffler was arrested by the Louisville Police Department after he allegedly drove through a section of the golf course that was barricaded off by authorities due to a fatal accident that had occurred earlier in the morning.

Despite the arrest, Scheffler was processed and charged quickly enough that he was able to return to the Valhalla Golf Club for his second-round tee time.

Scheffler was charged with second-degree assault of a police officer, third-degree criminal mischief, reckless driving, and disregarding traffic signals from an officer directing traffic.

“You actually hurt him. And he’s a police officer. He’s got a huge scrape on his knee. He’s getting checked by EMS, big bruise,” an officer can be heard telling Scheffler, who called the situation a “big misunderstanding.”

“This morning, I was proceeding as directed by police officers. It was a very chaotic situation, understandably so considering the tragic accident that had occurred earlier, and there was a big misunderstanding of what I thought I was being asked to do,” Scheffler said in an official statement after he was released from police custody.

“I never intended to disregard any of the instructions. I’m hopeful to put this to the side and focus on golf today. Of course, all of us involved in the tournament express our deepest sympathies to the family of the man who passed away in the earlier accident this morning. It truly puts everything in perspective.”

Scheffler ultimately finished the PGA Championship tied for 8th with a final total of -13. The tournament was won by Xander Schauffele, with Bryson DeChambeau coming in second and Viktor Hovland in third.

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