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Caitlin Clark Looked Truly Exhausted While Answering The Same Exact Question For The Millionth Time

Caitlin Clark Tired Exhausted

Caitlin Clark has not had any time to relax over the last 12 months. The former Iowa guard was too busy breaking college basketball’s all-time scoring record while working to get her degree and has been thrown into the grueling schedule of the WNBA over the last month and a half.

She looks tired.

Clark, who often wishes to be normal, is the biggest star in women’s professional basketball right.

It is very fair to say that the 22-year-old is the biggest star in league history. The Indiana Fever have sold out most of its home games and pack out arenas on the road.

Everybody wants to catch a glimpse of Clark. Everybody wants to witness greatness.

That fame can take a real toll on a person. Especially when she is forced to smile when she might not want to smile, not only to maintain her image, but to ensure that the fans get the best-possible experience. It is rather admirable and rather exhausting.

The media adds another piece to the equation. Clark commands the spotlight even if she doesn’t want it. Interviews and press conferences never stop.

As if that wasn’t taxing enough, interviewers are often asking the same question. Although it might be worded differently each time, reporters continue to ask Clark about her transition from the Hawkeyes to the Fever and how she is adjusting to the W.

It. is. the. same. question. every. day.

All of these different things combined, in addition to the busy travel schedule, has Clark looking tired. She was, once again, asked about the move from college to the pros on Thursday and was, once again, forced to power through the same answer.

In part because of the lighting, in part because of the timing of the interview, and largely because of the day-to-day grind she is currently enduring, Clark looked tired. Fans took note of one particular clip.

Caitlin Clark is a trooper and she understands her impact on the sport, and the younger generations. That is ultimately what keeps her going when it is clear that she is worn out. It is very admirable!

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