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Michigan State Athletic Director Threatens Central Michigan Over Failed Connor Stalions Investigation

Connor Stalions Central Michigan Investigation

Remember when former Michigan football staffer Connor Stalions appeared to get caught on the sideline at a Central Michigan game last season? Michigan State certainly does!

Spartans athletic director Alan Haller is threatening to distance itself from the Chippewas if they don’t soon come to a conclusion as to what happened.

Stalions, who was at the center of the Wolverines’ sign-stealing scandal, became something of a folk hero in Ann Arbor as Jim Harbaugh’s team marched its way to a national title at 15-0. The 28-year-old took the fall for all of the shenanigans, which essentially boiled down to this:

As the story goes, Stalions worked as a rogue agent (wink wink) who one day wanted to take over as head football coach at the University of Michigan. He graduated from the Naval Academy and is a a retired Marine Corps captain.

Somewhere along the way, Stalions got involved with the Wolverines’ program. His ability to translate the opponent’s signals quickly became crucial to success and kept the team one step ahead.

However, it went much deeper. Stalions created an elaborate system to scout future opponents in advance to gain an understanding of their calls. That is explicitly illegal per NCAA guidelines.

While all of this information started to come out, multiple suspicious videos and images surfaced online. It is hard to say that they do not show Stalions — in disguise — on Central Michigan’s sideline for its game against Michigan State. Assuming that it was actually him, he was obviously there to scout the Spartans.

One of the videos even appears to show a recording device on his sunglasses!

The Chippewas did not have an answer. They claimed that Stalions wouldn’t be allowed on the sideline, had no record of him being on the sideline, and opened an investigation.

Nothing has come of the investigation.

Michigan State wants Central Michigan to provide answers.

As of December 18, 2023, neither the school nor the NCAA said a word about the investigation or what it found. That remains true today. It is now May— more than six months since the Stalions news first broke.

Haller is furious! He addressed the unresolved issue in an interview last week and chose his words very carefully. They were minimal, but sharp.

I’m interested in the outcome of the investigation. And it could impact our relationship with Central Michigan.

— MSU AD Alan Haller

If Central Michigan was actively helping Michigan in its quest to steal Michigan State’s signs, why would Michigan State ever want to schedule Central Michigan again? That would be reason enough for the Spartans to box out the Chippewas indefinitely.

Perhaps more importantly is an answer to the question. Was that Connor Stalions on the sideline?!

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