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Xavier Worthy Was Visibly Shook By The Chiefs’ Awful Outdated Facility Upon Arrival To Kansas City

Xavier Worthy Kansas City Chiefs Facility

Xavier Worthy was picked by the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday night after three years at the University of Texas. He arrived to the team facility in Missouri on Friday.

The 21-year-old wide receiver was not impressed.

Worthy is extremely excited to play for the back-to-back Super Bowl champions.

How could he not be? Patrick Mahomes is throwing him the ball and Andy Reid is calling plays. It was the perfect landing spot for the fastest player in NFL Scouting Combine history.

However, it is not a secret that the Chiefs’ resources are subpar. Only recently did they add air conditioning to the indoor complex and players from last year’s team gave owner Clark Hunt an F-minus (the lowest grade for any owner in the league) during the NFLPA’s annual team report cards because of his unwillingness to invest in the facilities. Kansas City ranked 31st of 32 teams in terms of players’ working conditions and environments.

Defensive tackle Chris Jones openly praised the Raiders’ practice facility while in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. His teammates, both current and former, have frequently criticized the Chiefs and their ownership for the team’s outdated locker room and lack of renovations.

Hunt recently responded to the disapproval and pointed to facility investments. That didn’t seem to matter to Worthy during his first tour.

He was visibly shook by the locker room.

Xavier Worthy Kansas City Chiefs Locker Room

It was the same with the indoor complex.

Xavier Worthy Kansas City Chiefs

Just to compare, here is what Worthy is used to at Texas:

Playing for the Kansas City Chiefs is awesome. Xavier Worthy is going to be a monster.

Having to use the Chiefs’ facilities is not as exciting. Veterans have voiced their displeasure in the past. The first round rookie showed his displeasure!

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