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Ray Lewis Vows To ‘Bang’ Taylor Swift In Electric (But Ill-Worded) Pump-Up Speech At Ravens Tailgate

Ray Lewis Taylor Swift

Ray Lewis had a blunt message for Taylor Swift prior to Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the Ravens and the Chiefs. He issued a warning to the international pop sensation during an exhilarating pump-up speech to a group of fans at the legendary Jimmy’s Seafood tailgate.

One of the greatest linebackers in NFL history said that Baltimore is “the wrong place for certain people to come through” because they’re “bad boys on this end” who “bang anybody that come through here.

” He does not care “what Swift trains come through.”

Yes, “bang anybody” could mean so many things… The implication, while football related, could be interpreted in a multitude of different ways.

Considering his controversial past (Google it if you are not familiar), the 48-year-old Pro Football Hall of Famer might have thought about different phrasing. Lewis really just went for it without a filter and, to be fair, it was absolutely electric.

SHOTS WERE FIRED! (Just hopefully not actual shots fired in real life.)

Lewis then proceeded to make a confusing reference to David and Goliath. Even if his Biblical analogy missed the mark in terms of accuracy, it got the people going. Every single person in attendance was ready to run through a wall once he was done.

Needless to say, Taylor Swift was public enemy No. 1 on Sunday and even Ray Lewis, of all people, could not keep her name out of his mouth. She may want to keep an eye over her shoulder while in town because — to this day — nobody knows what happened to the cream suit.

It just… disappeared!

Plus, Lewis vowed to “bang” anybody. Swift is most certainly included in “anybody.”

He is going to bang her, and her boyfriend Travis Kelce, and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs! Look out!

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