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This Massive 10+ Foot Sturgeon Caught In Canada Is A Living Dinosaur

massive sturgeon caught fishing on the Fraser River
massive sturgeon caught fishing on the Fraser River

The Fraser River in Canada is the world’s epicenter for anglers seeking to catch (and release) a massive sturgeon and nobody catches more record-setting fish than the crew at Sturgeon Slayers who have done it once again with this fish-of-a-lifetime below.

A crew from Alberta was out with Sturgeon Slayers for their first-ever fishing trip on the Fraser River, a fishery that is strictly catch-and-release to maintain the health of the fishery and to protect the vulnerable species from overfishing.

Due to the strict maintenance of the fishery, the Fraser River has produced the largest sturgeon ever measured in modern history back in 2021 when former Vezina Trophy winner Pete Peeters caught this absolute beast of a fish. This one caught by the crew from Alberta certainly compares in size to that fish from 2021. Check out this absolute unit:

It’s worth noting that in the US, we measure total length for sturgeon. Whereas in Canada, they only measure from the nose to the fork in the tail. So an alleged 11′ fish in the US would measure as 10′ in Canada, even if it was the exact same fish.

Here is another look at how many people can line up next to this prehistoric sturgeon for a photo:

If sturgeon fishing is on your bucket list there really is nobody better on earth to go out with than this crew. Spring, Summer, and Fall are the best times of year to fish the Fraser River so hit up the Sturgeon Slayers website to check out charter options if you’re interested in going after one of these living dinosaurs.

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