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Luka Doncic Had Fan Ejected For Softest Reason Possible

Mavs star Luka Doncic got fed up with one fan and had him ejected over some light heckling.

On Wednesday night, the Mavs got blown out at home by the Phoenix Suns despite a monster 34 point game from Doncic.

In the third quater, ESPN’s Tim MacMahon reported that Doncic had a Suns fan ejected for yelling ” “Luka, you’re tired!

Get your a– on the treadmill!”

Suns reporter Duane Rankin confirmed MacMahon’s report and captured video of Luka pointing out the fan to security.

Update: Doncic claims the fan had been cursing at him the entire game.

“He was cursing me the whole first half. I would never eject a fan. They pay for tickets. But I had enough.”

NBA fans on social media were shocked by the reason for the fan’s ejection and mocked Doncic for having the fan kicked out of the game over some light trash talk.

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