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NCAA Fails Again AS UConn Men’s Team Is Stranded At Airport Heading To Final Four

Danny Hurley
Danny Hurley

One of the things the NCAA is supposed to be good at is administering national championship tournaments. They run 90 of them each year across all divisions, and it’s usually a strong suit of the organization.

But, they’ve been making mistakes lately.  Somehow, the three-point line at the Portland Regional of the NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball tournament was too long on one side of the court, causing huge embarrassment for the NCAA.

Things are only getting worse for the NCAA. Now, the UConn Men’s Basketball Team is stranded at the airport as they were getting ready to fly to the Phoenix area for the Final Four. The NCAA books all travel for teams.Norlander added that the other three teams, Purdue, Alabama, and North Carolina State, are already in the Phoenix area as of Wednesday evening. Meanwhile, UConn players might not get in until tomorrow!

This isn’t necessarily all on the NCAA, but the buck stops with them. You’d think that they could get teams charter planes that originate out of cities they’re near. This is especially true for UConn, which is just a few hours from Boston and New York City.

Alas, now Danny Hurley’s bunch is going to be behind the 8-ball all weekend as they look to win their second-straight national title. The Huskies take on Alabama on Saturday at around 9:00PM ET. They enter the final weekend of the season as pretty big favorites to bring home the title.

That is, if they can get to Phoenix.

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